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If you need a relaxing weekend or a business travel you will find here peace and serenity, with a wonderful view on the “Monviso”, it will be the best place where you will be able to relax or work, it is also possible reach easily the close city also with the public transportations.


For book your next holidays you can call at +39 3665060299 also using whatsapp or send an email at:

Here you will be able to have the best traditional dishes of the Piedmont’s kitchen, they are made only with zero Kilometres products.

You can book a table calling us at +39 3665060299 also using whatsapp, or send an email at:

We offer services of:

- restaurant

- events

- overnight stay

- wedding

- Baptism

- working collaborations with schools

- educational farm

- snow removing

- english lessons


Contact us at +39 3665060299 also on whatsapp or mail us at:

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