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What we offer:

- restaurant

- anniversaries

- events

- educational farm

- parking

- campsite

- tours of farm production processes and on-farm activities


Our farm Dai Dellerba is located on the hill of Pinerolo, in the locality of Santa Brigida, 

along the slope overlooking Monviso, the farm covers an an area of 17 hectares. We are 

the Dellerba family, in 2016 we wanted to revalue our farm with an ambitious project!

After much work and many difficulties we succeeded in our intent, we brought to production 

cultures of blueberries, peaches, grapes and apples, from which we make delicious derivatives of high quality respecting the principles of short supply chain. Also present on the farm are 120 animals including selected Piedmontese breed cows, goats, sheep, pigs and chickens. All the animals are raised in the Piedmontese tradition and with great regard for animal welfare.

Thanks to our 5.4 hectares of mainly Freisa and Favorita vineyards and through winemaking at our winery we produce Brigit Neir, Brigit Bianc, Brigit Rosè, Bifa, Bifa d Bòsch and Remu. We cultivate following the CCPB-certified organic method while respecting the environment; we use our own manure as natural fertilizer. Catering with typical Piedmontese cuisine prepared exclusively using raw materials from the farm complete our offer. Peace, nature and relaxation are the order of the day on our farm.


Thanks to the efficient public transportation network, we are well connected to the center of Pinerolo and the main tourist attractions nearby.


What to do in Pinerolo: For information about the area and events in the Pinerolo area you can contact Made in Pinerolo at +39 333 31 00 899 or by email:

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